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I Love Makeup AND I’m Smart

Confession: When I first thought about starting a blog, I wanted it to be about makeup and how much I love it.  The beauty blogs and vlogs of the interwebz are what inspired me to put my ideas out into the world in the first place, so I figured it would be a natural place to start.  Then this nagging little voice in my head started planting seeds of doubt.  Nydia, you’re not that pretty.  The girls on the interwebz are, like, really pretty.  Nydia, you’re so much more than the crap you slap on your face every day, why not share what’s in your head rather than what you put on it?  If you do share smart things, make sure they make everyone happy and offend no one.  Don’t f*** up! And so on, and so on. 225-452-1760

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My name is Nydia.  It is pronounced neethe-ya.  The “d” in my name is a soft “d’ and makes the same sound as the “th” in “leather” and “weather”, the “ia” is run together into one syllable that makes a “yah” sound. There is no sound in my name that does not exist in the English language.  You can pronounce it, I promise.  I also promise that this is the way my name is said, not just how I say it.  When I tell you my name, believe me.  Pronunciation and all. 919-335-6637


Yup, I said it.  And I’m sure if you look anywhere else on the internet (aside from Wedding Bee and The Knot) I’m positive you will find plenty of other women who hate it, too.  Not every woman has an idea of her wedding day in her head from the age of six. Why?  Because some women grew up thinking they could never get married because of their sexual orientation (thanks, SCOTUS!), some women grew up poor and had zero context for a traditional wedding, and ::GASP:: some women DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED.  Are any of these my story? Sort of.  I didn’t go to weddings as I was growing up. And I always knew that I’d need to foot the bill myself if I choose to have a wedding.  Hence, I’ve hated every step of the process. Continue reading

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